Thursday, July 09, 2009

Stop Stopping Making Sense

Apparently the Transformers sequel does not make any sense. I'm stunned. (And please do click on the link -- it is well worth it if you love full-on snark. And you do.)


Special Agent Chet Desmond said...

/sigh I miss the days when movies made sense. Obbi-wan, please help us.

Thunderstick said...

Plot may make a great movie, but robots fighting makes a billion dollars of worldwide box office. Are there people out there that go to a movie about extraterrestrial robots that can morph into earth vehicles hoping to get some reflection on the human condition?? Going to transformers and complaining about the plot is like going to see Driving Miss Daisy and complaining there weren't any good car chases.

dcat said...

Thunderstick --
But that's a pretty stupid false dhotomy. It's not as if a movie cannot have both great (how about serviceable?) plot and great action. The idea that moviemakers are not to be held accountable if their movies are senseless as long as they blow shit up represents an acceptance of utterly debasing movies.

Special Agent --
Good to have you back.


Thunderstick said...

I don't know. I think the guy that wrote that thing needs to take himself a little less seriously. A movie about fighting robots done with great action scenes is going to entertain a lot of people. If it's not your thing, it's not your thing. I saw the movie. There were points at which my wife and I looked at each other and were like "I can't believe they put that into the story--it's ridiculous." But we both enjoyed the hell out of the movie because there's a lot of comedy and the action is a blast. I don't see why Bay should have to apologize for that.

El Aguila said...

I enjoyed watching Meagan Fox running at the end of the movie. As a Transformer fan (that's right I said it-I have the first 60 or so comics) that douche can kiss my ass. I like robots that blow stuff up.

A movie can be both, but it does not always have to be. I also enjoyed Gran Torino, but Clint was the only one that was blown up.

dcat said...

Oh, Thunderstick and The Aguila -- You two and your summer blockbusters. I know of no one who loves and worships this phenomenon (and thus has similar blind spots) more than you two.