Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Debunking the Rose-Fosse Myth

In honor of tonight's All Star Game, I am directing you to Deadspin, where Dashiell Bennett debunks the hoary myth that Pete Rose's (still sort of dickish and unnecessary) decision to truck Ray Fosse in the 1970 All Star Game destroyed Fosse's career.

We have all heard it a load of times: The All Star Game once met so much to the players, who, along with their managers, treated it like a real game because there was real rivalry between the leagues, whose players only saw one another at the World Series. But I am not certain I particularly care to return to a time when the Midsummer Classic was an especially significant sporting event. I guess that may be because I have never known better. It is probably still the best all star game in all of professional sports, but it does not really matter much to me if the American League wins, though I suppose the home-field component means that I'd as soon see the Junior Circuit emerge victorious. And while I hope the Red Sox players in the game do well, I mostly would as soon see none of the pitchers, save maybe first-timer Tim Wakefield, even touch the mound tonight.

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