Friday, July 24, 2009

Rice Into the Hall

Jim Ed Rice goes into the Hall of Fame this weekend. Rice was, hands down, my favorite baseball player growing up and was largely the reason why I wanted to play left field for the Red Sox until I was about twelve (at which point I assumed I'd be an infielder.) I look forward to a nostalgic return to my youth on Sunday, though I also am anticipating the contrast in styles between the speeches of the taciturn Rice and vainglorious Rickey Henderson.


Whitney Wilson said...

Rice was also my favorite player, and even though my brain now believes he is only - at best - a marginal Hall of Famer, my heart is very excited for his big weekend.

dcat said...

That's exactly how I feel. I know the numbers, the truncated career, the low OBP, the low esteem Bill James holds him in. But your favorite player when you are seven, as I was in 1978, is your favorite player for life. Heart 1, Head 0.