Friday, July 31, 2009

Know Nothings on Parade

During the 2008 Presidential campaign conservatives mocked Barack Obama for asserting that we could save on gas mileage by making sure our tires are properly inflated, despite the fact that it was true. (And always in the service of inane policies to drill for more oil at home, "Drill, Baby, Drill!" being good bumper sticker sloganeering even if it is asinine policy given the tiny percentage of oil reserves available within the United States.) More recently the know-nothings on the right ridiculed assertions coming from the administration (particularly Nobel Prize winning physicist and Obama's Secretary of Energy Steven Chu) that we could save on energy costs by painting our the roofs of our houses (and businesses, or what have you) white. Of course that turns out to be true as well. Some advice: If Obama's loudest critics tell you it is going to be a nice day, bring an umbrella.

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