Thursday, July 23, 2009

The Ashes

In honor of the ongoing Ashes, the semi-annual series of test matches pitting Australia against England (I compare it to Springbok-All Black rugby clashes -- in any given year there might be bigger or more important matches, but rarely, and the intensity and history is incomparable) the Times Literary Supplement looks back at a 1951 review of four books on the 1950-1951 Ashes series, which Australia won 4-1.

This year England is up 1-0 (the first test in Cardiff ended in a draw, a result that would be perplexing to most Americans, but that simply ratchets up the tension in a test series) heading into the third test at Edgbaston in Birmingham. I was in England in 2005 for the bulk of the historic Ashes in which England ultimately prevailed. An England win in the Ashes is pretty rare, yet it looks as if the hosts might be in position to pull off a second one in the quadrennium.


GoodLiberal said...

You betcha! Come on Freddie and co!

dcat said...

GoodLib --
I'm with you -- I pretty much root against all Aussie teams, but loathe them more in cricket than any other sport.


dannybrit said...

I never realy get interested in the ashes. To me, it always seems like a football match between Brazil and Yemen.
To put it anther way, it is like we english get patronised, both by the aussies, and oursleves. When we win th ashes once out of about 10 meetings...still, looks lke we are in with a chance this year, no doubt we are getting a lot better.

dcat said...

Danny --
But winning in 2005 and being on the way this time means that at least there is hope that the competition can become a little more balanced. Plus, beating Australia at anything is always great.