Friday, July 24, 2009

Soccer Player in a Bar Fight!

Yeah, it's pretty much as sad as you'd imagine, courtesy of England footballer Steven Gerrard, The Guardian, and the CCTV of what looks like a grotty little bar.


dannybrit said...

im an englishman, in fact, i used to visit this blog when i was younger, and speak to you about history.

Gerrard was actually attacked first, and hit out in self defense. He still apologised, despite the fact ihe was attacked.

gerrard, one of the best footballers in the world.

dcat said...

Danny --
I remember you. Welcome back.
The video is pretty grainy. Garrard is certainly a world class footballer and the fact that the charges were dismissed indicates that you are right. Someone clearly wanted to take a swipe at a famous athlete.
My main reason for posting this was to show that it was a pretty lame fight, for all of the publicity it drew. Garrard is a badass on the pitch. In the bar? Not so much.