Sunday, May 03, 2009

Off to Keele: Self Indulgence Alert

In a matter of a couple of hours I will be heading off to England (solo, alas) where I will be spending a month as a visiting fellow at the University of Keele's David Bruce Centre for American Studies. In addition to working on my next book(s) I will be giving a research seminar, will be participating in a couple of the program's graduate seminars, and am participating ina roundtable on President Obama's first one hundred days. I also will be giving talks at other universities across the country. For the next four weeks, then, you will be getting what I will sim[ply call "England Blogging," which will be the same thing but I hope somewhat more frequent (given the time to write and think) and 25% more Anglotastic!


Thunderstick said...

only 25%? What a rip-off.

dcat said...

Indeed! Cheers! Metre! Centre! Colour! Disproportionate passion for organ meat! Rain!

There, you happy now?


Anonymous said...

LOL at Thunderstick's comment. Hope you have a nice time in England.