Friday, May 29, 2009

Back From Keele

I'm back from my two days of travel by rail, by road, by tube, and by air. It is now 4:09 England time, which is the clock to which my body is still attuned, and I could not sleep at all last night in the Holiday Inn Heathrow M4 J4, which, oddly enough, is not the same as the Holiday Inn Heathrow, and which i am sure causes nearly daily confusion among weary travelers not much in the mood for such silliness.

It is good to be back in Texas. Had Mexican food for dinner. After a month of rainy dampness, i enjoy the heat, but it's draining me. Sleep will feel nice.


Ken said...

Glad to hear you got back safely. Thanks for sharing the trip with us!

Sophmom said...


Much enjoyed reading about your trip. From the shower saga to the cheese rant, to the eyeglasses (and of course, the work), it was all good.

BTW, did the new glasses pass muster with your Mrs.?

Jeremy said...

Yes sir. Definitely glad to see you back safely. The trip was fascinating to read about.

Anonymous said...

Yes, glad that you are back in the states safely!