Thursday, May 21, 2009

At the Africa Blog: Self Indulgence Alert

In case you are not a regular visitor, you should know that I have been very busy at the Foreign Policy Association's Africa Blog. One of the huge benefits of a fellowship such as this one is that it gives me the breathing room to do a whole range of writing, including blogging, short-form pieces and essays, as well as scholarly work. The Africa blog, in particular, has been a beneficiary of this time. (Although I've been as busy with dcat as at any time in recent memory too).

You also should check out the main FPA Blogs page that consolidates the work of all of the organization's bloggers. We are the largest network of foreign affairs blogs on the web (or so they tell us!) and our readership has been huge and growing. Even if you do not always check out the Africa Blog, bookmark the main page to get as good an overview of a range of global issues as is available anywhere.

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