Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Keele Diary #13

It's yet another rainy day at Keele, though by and large I have managed to avoid the raindrops. Indeed on my walk over it seemed that it might even end up as quite a nice day, which would have been perfectly apt as I wore a t-shirt under a long-sleeved t-shirt under a long-sleeved collared pullover under my jacket. By the time I got to my office I was sweating like a Yankees fan at a MENSA meeting.

I just returned to my office after a trip to the Student Union, where I discovered that my Paris trip is likely not going to happen, and where I stumbled upon arguably the worst chicken sandwich in the history of chicken sandwiches. But by adding a huge packet of chips I ended up paying only £3, which is not bad. I mean as far as costs for a big packet of hot chips and an awful chicken sandwich.

I can see out my office window that the weather has turned again. When I walked to the union the sky still had a great deal of blue popping out from the clouds, but it's pretty well completely enveloped by gray clouds now and it has started to rain. An hour or two ago it poured torrentially, just as it did yesterday when I was walking form one side of campus to another. It appears that the sky is opening up again now.

In case any of you are curious, you can get a history of Keele here, the university home page is here, the History Department here, the American Studies Department here, the David Bruce Centre for American Studies here, and links to pictures of campus here. I have not yet taken my camera out of its case to get some shots of campus, but that might be a goal in my now apparently Frenchless weekend, assuming I can get some sort of break in the rain.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for blogging about time in Keele. The American studies program seems interesting and it peaks my interest of how it would be to travel and study outside the United States. Besides going to Canada and Mexico, I haven't traveled overseas and your experience abroad gives me some insight. All of this means, I have to get the hell out of Dallas, Texas!

dcat said...

Tramaine --
You should definitely look into some travel options, such as perhaps a Rotary fellowship.