Monday, May 11, 2009

Good News Overfloweth

It was, all in all, a good night in Boston sports. The C's won their playoff game against Orlando on a buzzer-beater by Glen "Big Baby" Davis to even things up at two games apiece. The Bruins overcame three straight desultory performances to hammer Carolina 4-0. And the Red Sox beat the pesky Rays 4-3. If the Bruins manage to come all the way back against Carolina (formerly the Bruins' Adams Division foes the Hartford Whalers, by the way) and can win the Stanley Cup, won't it mean that Boston will have had the single-most successful four-sport run in American professional sports history? What other city has had each of its major teams win a title in the same decade?

Oh, and as good news goes, this is pretty exciting as well: HBO has picked up David Simon's new series, Treme. Simon is, of course, the genius behind The Wire. Treme will be set in post-Katrina New Orleans.


Slicer said...

How do they say "Red Sox suck" over there? Just curious.

dcat said...

I have no idea, for no educated Brit would say such an uncouth thing. I have, however, heard then say "Fuckin' Yanks are complete c***s," which I just always assumed was aimed at the Yankees.


Jeremy said...

^^ Current Poll on the Celtics-Magic series.

It is interesting the division in America about who is going to win this series. The Magic slightly lead the Celtics in Texas.

dcat said...

Tonight's game is key. Hopefully the C's pull off a big win at home tonight and roll.