Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Bolo Ties and Politics (Public and Domestic)

Mary Ann Akers, WaPo's "Sleuth" has the scoop on how the bolo tie might become Bill Richardson's secret weapon in the 2008 race. My guess is that Richardson will be a very short-timer once he gets trounced in New Hampshire and Iowa, but I'm a fan of the bolo tie, I like Richardson, and since I have been forbidden to have the freshly-named official New Mexico state neckwear be part of the groomsmen's getup at the San Antonio Nuptial Soiree I find bolo ties to be like the apple in the garden of Eden. So consider this a protest post.

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Heather and Matthew said...

Agreed. The bolo is a fine fine cravat. You have given her limited access to your music collection, and now she must give you something. How about a bolo? That's the married man's version of marriage.