Friday, February 16, 2007

When Comedians Attack

I have to admit it: I've never found Carlos Mencia to be all that funny. And my friend Jaime concurred after he went to see Mencia and walked out after discovering that he is not only not that funny, but he also may be a racist. Well, on top of that, apparently he is a joke thief. And now there are crazy goings on between Mencia (who apparently was born neither Mexican nor "Carlos Mencia") and Joe Rogan, who throws down hard over at his blog.

The joke theft aspect is to me the worst part, and Rogan does a pretty good job of explaining why. As a writer I fully understand his sentiments -- it is hard to imagine what it would feel like to be the victim of plagiarism, and as he points out, Mencia has a reputation for stealing from people who have not yet achieved enough fame or pull to protect themselves, which would be like being a junior faculty member and having a Bancroft Prize winner co-opt some of your work.

Hat tip to Andrew Sullivan.


Special Agent Che Desmondt said...

At least he's not Sarah Silverman. Good god almighty she sucks and her new show is a train wreck.

dcat said...

On this point, I'm afraid we differ, Secret Agent Man. I dig Sarah and find her new show silly and inconsistent but rather amusing at times. I suppose you either buy into her charms or you don't, and I do. Though perhaps I am blinded by the fact that she is from New Hampshire. Regional chauvanism dies hard, my friend.


GingerM said...
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Thunderstick said...

You know who should get his own show...the Hamburgler. Grimace could be the MC and the Fry Guys could be the band. Now that would be a funny show.

Tony Romo said...

I have a crush on Sarah Silverman. She's smokin'!

dcat said...

To address the last three comments:

I'd as soon see Mencia's show cancelled. Capital punishment seems a bit harsh!

I agree wholly -- the Olde Time Hamburglar Hootenanny would be appointment television in Casa de Dcat.

There is no shame in having naughty thoughts about Sarah Silverman.