Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Winter Wonderland

The Permian Basin is a winter wonderland, a veritable Currier & Ives painting come to life. Yesterday and last night we received what might be as much as an inch of snow, blanketing the region and throwing it into chaos. Schools, including the university, are closed. Highways and many major roads are shut down. It is a war of all against all out there. Some have warned us to stock up on provisions if things clear up because there might be more snow to come.

Obviously I find all of this amusing. Not a soul in New England would pay so much as one whit of attention to all of what they would probably call glorified flurries, but here it really is an enormously big deal. My favorite irony in all of this is that it reveals once again that the region of the country that most worships NASCAR (And that extends from El Paso to Norfolk and everything south) produces the worst drivers in the country under clear conditions. Forget about going out there now, with snow on the ground and the threat of more. Under these conditions people drive like they are experiencing grand mal seizures while being tasered.

Time to start a fire.

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