Wednesday, June 02, 2010

World Cup Countdown Continues (Continued!)

I am gearing up for the World Cup in a big way. This week I am making as many final preparations as possible. On Monday I head down to San Antonio for a couple of family commitments, and I'll fly from there to Washington and beyond on Wednesday. I will be spending a night in Addis Ababa before flying out the next morning to Johannesburg, landing just a few hours before the crucial opening match of the tournament, pitting South Africa against Mexico in a match that will transcend soccer.

I'll be posting daily at the Foreign Policy Association Africa Blog on not only the tournament itself, but more significantly on the interconnections between race, politics, sport, and nationalism. I am also working on a few other opportunities to write more expansive essays, though the progress on that front has been fitful.

There will, as a consequence of all of this, be a lot more soccer talk around here than usual, though my daily coverage will not appear at dcat. I'm no expert on the Beautiful Game, though I am doing my best to climb the learning curve as quickly as possible. But I hope you'll follow along.

A soccer link for today: The best teams that did not win the World Cup.

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