Sunday, June 27, 2010

On to Botswana

After a quick flight on a prop plane (yep, a prop plane for an international flight) I arrived in Gabarone, Botswana's capital and largest city yesterday afternoon. While here I am staying with my friend and colleague Mark, a Zimbabwean whom I met (during the last World Cup, actually) in South Africa and who teaches at the University of Botswana, where I am writing this. He and I are trying to put together a collaborative research project, so U of B will be my base for a week. You can catch a much longer update (several, actually) at the FPA Africa Blog.

I simply cannot be too disappointed about last night's US loss to Ghana. I can now cheer for Ghana going forward, and it will mean a lot more to the Ghanaians (and many other Africans) than to the Americans, who can Rip Van Winkle their way until the qualifiers for the next World Cup.

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Anonymous said...

Derek- Thanks for posting on EphBlog. Your most recent post led me here.

Your comments about the World Cup and Africa in general seem a bit analogous to varsity sports and Williams, and perhaps to your life. Sporting events can create a moment to feel emotions, positive or negative, that connect one with a larger community, all within the daily world of work.

I look forward to reading more of your reflections, because of your work, on the larger community of Africa within its various borders and in relation to the rest of the world.

"Parent '12"