Sunday, June 06, 2010

The Travel Schedule -- Self Indulgence Alert

Posting will be light for the next week or so (though I am going to try to stockpile some content on Monday and Tuesday) as the big travel week begins. A sense of where I'll be:

Monday: Odessa to San Antonio.

Wednesday: San Antonio to Washington, Washington to Rome.

Thursday: Rome to Addis Ababa

Friday: Addis Ababa to Johannesburg. I should land about three hours before the South Africa-Mexico game. With a little luck I'll get to my bed and breakfast in Sandton (in Joburg's northern suburbs, possibly the most affluent community in all of South Africa, a place I have never stayed and don't belong, but my preferred Melville is fully booked.)

Saturday: Johannesburg to Rustenburg (and hopefully back later that night after the US-England game.)

Sunday: Joburg to Pretoria for Serbia-Ghana game, and hopefully back.

Monday: Joburg to Cape Town. I'll be in Cape Town for five days before heading back to Joburg for the Slovenia-USA game at Ellis Park.


Thunderstick said...

Like I care where you are between now and June 14th. What I need to know is where you will be on June 18th. Can you please post your itinerary through that date.

dcat said...

June 18, 4:00 -- Slovenia v. USA at Ellis Park in Johannesburg.


Thunderstick said...

Did I say June 18th? I meant June 23rd. I don't really care where you are June 18th. But please let me know where you are June 23rd so I can plan my activities accordingly. Gracias! said...


Thanks for the effort you took to expand upon this post so thoroughly.

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