Thursday, June 10, 2010

In Addis Ababa

I am in Addis Ababa (see here for more), have not slept in 40 hours and since my hotel room seems to have ESPN International, which is supposed to have the Celtics-Lakers game overnight (it's after midnight now and I just got to my room), it looks like I'll roll out of here tomorrow morning (5:00 wake up!) on virtually no sleep. And then of course I get into Joburg with just hours to spare before the South Africa-Mexico game.

In the meantime, you might know this guy. You might think he's me. (He's not me.)


El Aguila said...

Celtics Suck!

¡Viva México!

Sterkte aan Suid-Afrika.

Thanks google translate.

Celtics Suig.

dcat said...

Dude --
Brazil 2014 -- book it.


El Aguila said...

It's in the works!