Friday, October 17, 2008

Richard Wright: Self Indulgence Edition

The African American Museum in Dallas will be hosting a symposium and celebration of the life and work of Richard Wright on November 7 & 8. There will be two panels at the museum on November 8 and I will be one of the guest speakers. I am not a Wright scholar, but the preface to Freedom's Main Line uses Wright's Native Son as a springboard to discuss the Civil Rights Movement. I expanded that work for my presentation in order to reflect upon Wright's relationship with civil rights more generally.

If you live in or will be anywhere near Dallas on November 8, I hope you will consider attending. The other speakers, in any case, will be legitimate Richard Wright experts.


Anonymous said...

Dr. Catsam, this is put on by the Dallas County Community College District, in which yours truly serves as an instructor, which panel will you be on? Now, I have more of a reason to attend.


dcat said...

Tramaine --
Click on the links in the post -- I think one will tell you the schedule. I believe I am on Saturday afternoon. Hope to see you there.