Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Friday Night Lights on Satellite

The New York Times has a favorable review of the new season of Friday Night Lights, which most of us will not be able to see until January, as in a unique deal the show will spend the fall on DirectTV before shifting to NBC in January. It appears that the show has lost none of its nuance or verite. Damn most of you for not watching it from the outset so that we could all see season three on network television now.


Jaime said...

To add to your grief, the DirectTV episodes will be a few minutes longer than the NBC ones. It's already set on my DVR.


Anonymous said...

So Jaime moves to Arizona and gets cable, after ranting and raving about cable when I was in graduate school. I have only seen one episode of Friday Night Lights, I might have to check it out on DirectTV.

dcat said...

Jaime --
Don't be deletin'. Or else figure a way to burn those bad boys onto a dvd!


Stephen said...

Erica agrees.