Friday, October 03, 2008

Holidays to Avoid

Feeling wanderlust? In the Times of London Sam Jordison (author of the book Sod That! - 103 Things Not To Do Before You Die) has an amusing annotated list of "twenty holidays you should never take."


EB Soph mom said...

Nice bit of levity from Jordison.
On the couple of 'holidays' I have in common with him, I mostly agree.

However, Venice, in the middle of the winter, with a loved one, (and a heavy coat and scarf) absolutely warrants a gondola ride. In fact, the Venetian crabbiness (exacerbated by the summer hordes) is almost nonexistent in the winter, as are the masses. It is magical.

dcat said...

SophMom --
One of the keys to happily traveling to places tourists love is to hit it at the opposite season. I spent a summer as a fellow at Oxford and loved it, but would have loved it more had there not been gaggles of tourists everywhere and had I not been confused with being one of them much of the time.