Thursday, September 04, 2008

Fearless NFL Predictions

Unless you are either a real night owl or an early bird (I have created an automatic cliche generator here at dcat) by the time you read this you are likely to be within 12 hours of the kickoff the the 2008 NFL season.

If Tom Brady is healthy, I am pretty content with where the Patriots are heading in to this season. The secondary is a concern and the linebacking corps is a not-necessarily-reassuring mix of young and old, but otherwise it is hard to see where a team that was one play away from finishing off a 19-0 season is flawed to the point where they will not be serious contenders through January.

My sure to be laughable postseason predictions:

Divisional Winners:

East: Cowboys
North: Vikings
South: Saints
West: Seahawks
Wild Card: Eagles, Giants
Wild-Card Round: Saints over Eagles; Giants over Seahawks
Divisional Round: Cowboys over Saints; Vikings over Giants
NFC Championship: Cowboys over Vikings

Divisional Winners:
North: Steelers
South: Colts
West: Chargers
Wild Card: Jaguars, Browns
Wild-Card Round:
Jaguars over Steelers; Chargers over Browns
Divisional Round: Patriots over Jaguars; Chargers over Colts
AFC Championship: Patriots over Chargers

Super Bowl XLIII (Raymond James Stadium, Tampa, Florida, February 1, 2009): Patriots over Cowboys

Sometimes heart and head converge. Enjoy the games.


Ken said...

I'd be more worried of the Colts if I were you. After all, even by your predictions they could lose in the divisional round and still play in the AFC Championship :)

dcat said...

Editing mistake fixed! Thanks for that Ken.


Anonymous said...

i have watched nfl, tried to get into it, but only seem to get mildly excited about te superbowl, which is always showed over here(britain) on sky sports 1. ha, as if you americans show the fa cup final, or have even heard of it.
the premier league, and the entre football league in england has such a great history behind t, so any rivalries and stories, i am sure your nfl has similar stories, but the reason i believe 'soccer', is not hat popular in the states, is because it is so impersonal, no real stories, no true rivalries or romantic past.
nevertheless, i hope you enjoy your american footba season, i know i will enjoy te football season over here.

Slicer said...

Or the fact that soccer is just lame.

Anonymous said...

ha, as i just explained, you think that, because you grew up woth sports such as, American football, baseball, hockey, all sports created in your nation, with names such as, Patriots, dodgers, etc, no real stories behind what you do , no passion when you play the great sport of football, all you see in a footbal game is 22 men kicking a ball about and sometimes, never scoring. i feel sory for all of you americans, that you can not enjoy what europe enjoys. so many teams, large and small, but all so passionate, like my own, hartlepool united, who Meatloaf supports, funnily enough. ayway, back to your baseball game, what is it? bottom of the 9th? middle of the 4th?? did he hit the ball, did he run round a square???
ha, sorry, but if you want to call the planets main sport, 'lame(cough)' then i am obligated to comeback.
danny mcnay.

Slicer said...

Come back and talk to me about American sports after Great Britain's dental hygiene standards enter the 21st century.

Speaking of which, thank you for giving the world Austin Powers, good tea, and one hell of an Olympic rowing team.

Anonymous said...

were you being sarcastic in the last paragraph? If not, thank you, if you were being sarcastic, then it backfired.
Also, on the point of dental hygeine, i never actually thought you americans belived that myth we all see on american tv. ha, when i read your post, i actually burst into a short laugh. You really do believe whatever you see on tv.
tell me, 'slicer', do you even know why that myth about dental hygeine exists, or do you just go along with everything?


dcat said...

Danny --
Don't be a douchebag. By the way -- Slicer's father is a dentist, so, you know -- a little less thin skinned please.
And stop saying silly things about American sports that by your own admission you do not follow or understand. No passion? What sporting league in the world has the highest attendance figures by far? The National Football League. And there is nothing like the passion on campus the morning of a major college football game. And if the complexities of baseball are lost on you, it hardly redounds to your benefit to pretend that you are mocking the sport by revealing how you don't understand it. It just makes you look ignorant.
I will guarantee you that I know more about soccer than you know about other American sports combined. in fact, when you and Slicer were having your little conversation, I was at the men's varsity soccer game at my university. I can speak reasonably coherently about global football. I'd bet dollars to donuts that I know more about African football than you do, for example. The Premier league is only one tiny facet of global sport, Danny. And I have never criticized it. So take the goddamned chip of your shoulder and be willing to learn something about the sports you try hamhandedly to mock.


Anonymous said...

DCAT, i understand what you are trying to say, but i was not saying you had no passion in american football or baseball, etc, i was merely stating there is far, far less passion in 'soccer', than there is in britain, for football, therefore giving a reason why football is not very popular in america. i did clearly state that, and would never say there is no passioin in american sports, for i am sure there are.
when i made that mocking statement about baseball, yes is was a bad one, and it was deliberatly a bad one. what i was stating, was that his insults on britain and soccer were so bad, that i did an equally pathetic mockery of one of his sports, showing just how pathetic his origional statement was. however, that was more subliminal, and i can understand how you could misconstrue it. i knew slicer would not understand it, and so i did it. it did not occur to me you would read it and be offended, due to you not understanding what it meant.

''what is it? bottom of the 9th? middle of the 4th?? did he hit the ball, did he run round a square???
ha, sorry, but if you want to call the planets main sport, 'lame(cough)' then i am obligated to comeback.''
that is what i said, a blatently innacurate statement, doing exactly what he did to attack football.
finally, just because his father is a dentist, in no way means british people have bad teeth, ha. However, i am certain you are aware of that, and that yo were joking. i brush my teeth three times a day and floss, and use mothwash, though i am a biased example, for i have an unhealthy habbit with cleanliness. nevertheless, though there are britsh with bad teeth, almost all brits i know have good teeth, and considering the fact there are 300000000 americans, and only 60000000 brits, it is a fact that more americans have bad teeth than brits. yes, i know it is unfair, because there are many more americans, i am just proving a point, i am sure you understand, you yourself must hate stupid things like that ,like when brits call americans unstable, and unorganised, basically pompous, when i know most are not.
also, the fact that there are so many more americans, is the reason to the higher number of attendence at games. but, including all of Europe, we then beat you in that class, though by doing that, we will have 200000000 more people than you. basically, attendence can not be used to decided this, unless population is equal, which it is not.
sorry for the length of this post, if you have survived to the end of it...congratulations.