Thursday, September 11, 2008

Lies, Damned Lies, and the GOP

Now that the convention is over and McCain has his bounce, he can return to the deeply, profoundly, nakedly dishonest campaign that has become a GOP hallmark since 2000 or so. We expect spin, fudging, and a certain level of manipulation from our candidates. But McCain's campaign is presenting outright lies without the slightest bit of pause.


Special Agent Chet Desmond said...

When Rove says McCain 'has gone one step too far'... you know the gig is up.

Anonymous said...

You occasionally post various things that occupy the time, much like the feed the hungry rice game..I thought you might enjoy this president bush screensaver, only it doesn't serve a good cause like the rice game - however it does serve one's frustration with the current administration.

Special Agent Chet Desmond said...

A website that most here would find useful. (Copy and paste)

/McCain fought Republicans in Congress. Palin fought against corruption in Alaska and stopped the bridge to nowhere. Yep.

dcat said...

It's hard not to spend my days turning this into a McCain/Palin are liars blog, but the media's unwillingness to spend the time revealing this campaign for what it is profoundly frustrates me. Liberal media my ass. They are so in the tank for McCain right now it would be laughable were it not sad.


Slicer said...


Ended up watching the Rachel Maddow show on MSNBC last night for the first time, as it runs right after Countdown with Olberman from 8:00 - 9:00 p.m. Give it a watch, I think you'll enjoy it for the most part, although it seems like they are still working on getting some high-caliber guests. Bill Maher was the big name last night and Maddow is definitely calling out all the BS we are getting from the ever-so-honorable GOP ticket this election.

montana urban legend said...

Sorry to dispense such depressing advice regarding the press, dc, but you might just have to get used to it. Their soft-gloves with McCain is part of how they define "balance". It's precisely the way they had taken to covering science/anti-science positions - by giving equal consideration to a factually-supported, thoroughly reasoned perspective on one hand and a lie on the other - simply because that lie was a countervailing meme with comfortable nesting opportunities within the intellect of the gullible American public, somehow giving it enormous if inexplicable power. Speaking personally, it's not been an easy approach to tolerate for these past several years.

The upshot is that presidents seem to have obscure but real influences on the popular culture. Or maybe their ascensions to power just reflect those influences. Whichever case it may be, I'm hoping that an Obama administration would help usher in an era of pragmatic realism and put an end to all these ridiculous and pathetic episodes of nonsensical splitting.

I've enjoyed watching Rachel Maddow skewer the likes of Pat Buchanan and hope that she will provide the liberal, reality-based challenge to a media that has become too deferential to conservative anti-intellectualism. But she will probably have to invite some opposing guests on to her show to do this effectively. The models for her current format, such as Olbermann, help build a decent following, but it is in the cross-fire where she truly shines through. It's a very sharp, keen and quick sense of wit she possesses. I enjoy watching her reduce loudmouths like Buchanan to speechlessness for once. Bloviating is better left to conveying a sense of grievance that just doesn't seem to suit her. Leave that stuff to O'Reilly and the other blowhards.