Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Pesky's Immortality

I've always liked the exclusive approach the Red Sox have taken to retiring numbers. A guy had to spend ten years with the Sox, had to finish his career in a Red Sox capacity (though coaching and similar capacities count), and most rigorously, he had to earn election to the Hall of Fame. I have seen some pretty marginal names among retired numbers at baseball stadiums across the country and always felt happy to know that the Sox had exacting standards.

But I am also happy to know that they will yield on those standards as appropriate. they did so with carlton Fisk, and they are doing so now with Johnny Pesky, who embodies the Red Sox as much as anyone who has ever been a part of the team. Pesky was a teammate of Bobby Doerr and Ted Williams, whose numbers already hang along the right field facade, and now, after almost six decades of service, Pesky will see his #6 go up before Friday's game against the Yankees.

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