Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Wistful for The Wire

So I go to look at my Tivo (or whatever mine is called -- Tivo has become the Kleenex of digital tv recorders) list last night, and my reaction was almost wistful to seeing an episode of The Wire, the greatest television show ever, newly minted on the newly recorded programs. Apparently HBO is re-airing one of the old seasons, perhaps the first. I have a tirade built up about the fact that The Wire got snubbed again by Emmy voters, forever confirming in my mind that Emmy's are useless and indicative of nothing, certainly not the best that television has to offer, but I just do not have the energy or time. trust me that the bile is there, though. Recently The Guardian's Sam Delaney interviewed Dominic West, who played drunken, womanizing, profanity-spewing (God Bless him every one) Jimmy McNulty.

The Thunderstick has been pestering me to start watching Lost on dvd, and I finally got season one, but I'm not going to kid you -- I'm feeling a huge magnetized force pulling me toward Baltimore's mean streets. Fortunately I hear great things about Generation Kill, the latest project from the guys who brought us The Wire, and I'm Tivoing that as well, so perhaps David Simon & Co.'s take on Iraq will substitute for my desire to get back in the game of Bodymore, Murderland.

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Anonymous said...

Tramaine says, 2 thumbs up for "The Wire...I didn't truly believe this show until I actually went to Baltimore, man was I in for the shock(s) of my life. In addition, have you seen or read, "Into the Wild" I'm curious about your comments on the movie.