Monday, July 21, 2008

The New England Revolution: Is There Anything They Can't Do (Other, I Mean, Than Win an MLS Title)?

In a pre-9/11 world the story of members of the New England Revolution subduing a clearly deranged streaker on a cross-country flight would fall into the category of amusing stories that bloggers use to fill out their content (guilty!). Although the story is absurd, it is also easy to imagine why "Some passengers became frantic during the incident." And even if you are a passenger who did not become frantic, and even if you are no pollyanna, a closed space with childrfen is probably not the time you are going to chuckle about a streaker. A lot of guys I know, myself included, would have jacked the guy in the face the first time the guy popped out of the bathroom in the altogether. Nonetheless I look forward to seeing how Homeland Security and the FAA overreact to this event and come up with utterly irrelevant and improper responses, a la the arbitrary and absurd 3 oz. bottles-in-ziplocks solution to a non-problem.

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Rich said...

For starters, we're probably going to an orange threat level (please refer to the Homeland Security's website if you need to know what this means for you and how you live your daily life), and secondly, you and your smartass blog comments are going to get you a one-way trip to Guantanmo Bay in a black helicopter. Nice knowin' ya.