Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Training Camp Kicks Off in Foxboro

Although I am excited for both college and pro football in the abstract, I am not really ready for the reality of the Patriots starting up again. Given that they were the best sports team I have ever seen for 18 games last year and given how the season ended, the hangover has had a dampening effect on my spirits. The Pats climbed to such heights last year only to fall short at the end that it is almost unimaginable where they can go this year. Part of me thinks that they are likely to go 13-3 and win the Super Bowl with less history on the line and consequently less hype. Part of me worries that they will get old all at once as happens in the NFL.

But taking the emotional investment out of the equation, it is hard to imagine the Patriots not being one of the best teams in the NFL this season. They won't slice through the league like they did last season, and there will almost certainly be no run toward an undefeated season, but they should still be playing in January. Training camp, which starts in a few hours in Foxboro, will be a bit tough to endure because there will be a lot of reflection on what almost was, but once the games get started all wil be fine again. Christopher Gasper of The Boston Globe has ten storylines to watch develop as training camp kicks into gear.


Slicer said...

Is this Bellichick's final year on his contract? You think they try and resign him or is there other guys within the organization ready to take his place?

dcat said...

You know, I'm not certain his exact contract status, but that sounds about right. I wondered if he would have retired or resigned if they had won the Super Bowl. But he's a football lifer type, and so i do have a hard time seeing him just walk off into the sunset. he'd be back on a sideline before long.