Sunday, May 18, 2008

A Thousand Words


I think today's game probably goes down as an instant classic. I had to miss the third quarter and well into the 4th because I was flying from Tallahassee to Stlanta, but I caught the first half and the last few minutes as Paul Pierce made his place in Celtic lore.

Bring on Detroit, a team, unlike Cleveland, toward which I can really work up a nice antipathy.

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Thunderstick said...

Headline on today--"Witness this! Celtics advance to conference finals"

I think Cleveland fans can blame the scoreboard at the Garden for his. I just learned this weekend that on the Cleveland scoreboard they post "the diff" which is the point differential between the two teams. Clearly Lebron needed this in the waning minutes when down by 3, he passed up a wide open 3 to drive to the hoop where PJ Brown played perfect defense causing Lebron to overshoot the hoop and effectively end the game. Had "the diff" been posted on the scoreboard, maybe Lebron would have known he was down by 3 and not 2 and would have tried and made the wide open 3. Oh well--at least he can look forward to a Akron!!!