Friday, May 23, 2008

Hillary For . . . Secretary of Labor! (?!)

There is an awful lot of chatter about Hillary Clinton now positioning herself for VP, and yet in what has become typical Clinton fashion, there is more than a little bit of an air of entitlement about their approach. Here is what I would do with regard to Hillary and appointments were I Barack Obama: Make a very big deal about offering her the important position of Secretary of Labor. In the speech point out how she forced him to think about the many issues facing the working men and women in this country, and that he can think of no better way to use her expertise and commitment to the good, hard working [apparently white] men and women of America than in this important position.

Why this would be great: We all know that Hillary sees SecLabor as well beneath her. We all know that the Department of Labor is not a plum choice for someone of Hillary's ambitions. We all know that she would not take it. We all know that she and Bill would be furious. But what could they say? And if they did speak out, you'd have a whole array of video and audio clips and numerous self-satisfied quotations at the ready showing Hillary's deep and abiding concerns for the working men and women of this country. This would represent an ideal kiss-off, and would probably reveal to some Dems and not a few GOP Obama's toughness without showing (too much) vindictiveness. Or at least it would allow plausible denial of vindictiveness.

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Anonymous said...

I think this is a fantastic idea. It is strategic, while still a bit on the tacky side. You should post this at, a site designed to post and rank strategic moves for the obama campaign.