Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Stupid is as Stupid Does

This story about Saddam hussein's bizarre fears regarding catching STD's while in US custody had a much better headline when it arrived in my inbox from South Africa's Independent Online, which consolidates stories from a dozen or so South African newspapers: "Was Saddam Stupid."

Speaking of stupidity, leave it to a Yankees fan to give the Sox-Yanks rivalry an ugly twist.

(And since the C's-Cavs series starts tonight, I may as well get the proceedings off on the right foot: Tom, Don, the Cavs and their fans are poopieheads. C's in six, despite the reality that LeBron is likely to score 200 points in the series.)


Thunderstick said...

Only 188 more points to go for LeBron! CLANG!!

dcat said...

Still, I'd as soon not have any of the C's players tug on the tail of the Tiger. Let him sleep. I don't know if LeBron can beat us basically on his own, but I know that without him playing big the Cavs cannot beat us.