Monday, October 29, 2007

Sox World Series Champs! (Again!) [dcat Charity Drive Reminder]

I waited my whole life for the Red Sox to win a World series title, and as you all well know, it finally happened in 2004. Naturally this one feels different, but it still feels good. The Thunderstick and I will weigh in with some assessments in a little bit. But there is some business to address, and we may as well not let it wait:

Please don't forget the dcat Charity Drive. A number of you committed yourselves either in comments or in emails to donate money to charity based on various performance parameters for your teams. It's time to pony up. I will be sending $137 the way of the Jimmy Fund, which I'll round up to $150. Please let us know either in the comments or via email what you'll be donating so that we can have a tally for the dcat charity drive.

The Red Sox have now won two titles in a span of four years, are likely candidates for the fictive title of team of the decade, and we have every reason to believe that they will be competitive for years to come. This is not my grandfather's Red Sox team, that's for sure.

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