Wednesday, April 04, 2007

dcat Charity Drive

I am brazenly stealing an idea from Sons of Sam Horn, but I'd like to have the first dcat Baseball Charity Drive. I hope all readers will contribute.

Here's how it will work. Pick a charity. And then, sort of like a sports contract negotiation, tie your donation amount to a performance standard. The possibilities are endless -- your favorite player's home runs, strikeouts, wins, or whatever. The amount need not be huge -- I am well aware of the demographics and socio-economic status of some of the riff-raff who read this site! -- but I really hope that you will contribute and make your choices public in the comments, even if you have never commented at dcat before. And your donations can be contingent on the performances of any player or any team -- including the ones plying their trade down in the Bronx. In this instance we are addressing a greater good.

All of my donations will be going to the Jimmy Fund, the official charity of the Boston Red Sox, which fights against cancer in children (and adults) at Boston's Dana-Farber Cancer Institute.

dcat will donate:
$1 for every Dice-K win.
$5 for every Big Papi walk-off home run.
$1 for every Manny RBI above 110.
$5 for every series win against the Yankees.
$1 for every Jonathan Lester win for the Sox. (Lester, as you may recall, is recovering from cancer.)
$100 if the Sox win the World Series.

Please, please, please consider participating and sharing your charity and your picks even if you have never commented before and even if you know very little about baseball. We can help you come up with ideas if you would like. I hope to see a record number of comments in the next few days. This will function on the honor system -- when you make the commitment you are promising to follow through and write the check to your chosen charity -- and I look forward to sharing our successes in October.


Thunderstick said...

I am going to donate $1000 to charity for every Yankees fan I see at Fenway this year when I go to a game that isn't an asshole.

I think my wallet is safe.

dcat said...

Thunderstick --
Not here. I'm serious about this, and I want everyone to make a commitment to the idea. Including you -- pony up with some ideas and future cash outlays.


J.D. said...


Great idea. Count me in. May need some advice from you on how to structure it, though. I'll choose a charity and then I'll email you.


Rich said...

I don't want to deviate from the rules too much, but I'm going with two charities and you'll see why. I know it isn't the most creative idea, but here you go:

$5 for every Sox victory over the Yankees to The Jimmy Fund.

$5 for every Yanks victory over the Sox to the The New York Police & Fire Widows' & Children's Benefit Fund.

Walk-off homers for either team, make it $10.

Fantastic idea, DCAT.

dcat said...

Excellent! Splitting charities is perfectly fine, and I love your competitive gumption, my boy!


dcat said...

From reader Donnie Baseball via email:


Count me in!

My charity of choice is Lutheran Social Services of the National Capital Area.

$1 for every homer by Grady Sizemore, Travis Hafner and Victor Martinez.

$25 if Cleveland wins the AL Central.

$50 if Cleveland wins the AL.

$100 if Cleveland wins it all.

- Donnie Baseball