Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Springboks v. England

The Springboks play defending world champs England in the finals of the Rugby World Cup this coming weekend. Here is a little bit of coverage from the South Africa blog, complete with a fearless prediction.


Steve Dunkley said...

I would not be so presumptuous as to predict either the result or the score. Typically finals of this nature revert to a 50/50 chance of victory. Having said that I have watched English sports teams snatch defeat from the jaws of victory so often that I am alays prepared for the worst. If England should win, it is entirely possible that I will remind you of the fact for the next four years.

dcat said...

Being a sports fan means having to deal with mockery. I don't buy that most sporting events are a 50-50 proposition, as rarely are teams equally matched.

I simply do not think England can play with South Africa for 80 minutes, but I guess we'll see in just a few hours.

Cheers --