Thursday, May 03, 2007

Self Indulgence Alert: FPA Article: "South Africa's Regional Superpower Dilemma"

The Foreign Policy Association has just published my first "Great Decisions Analysis," an article titled "South Africa's Regional Superpower Dilemma." Enjoy!


Rich said...

I'm anxiously awaiting an entry regarding Matt Lauer's segment from Cape Town this morning on "The Today Show." I know you were as equally as riveted as I was.

dcat said...

Rich --
Especially given that lauer attended Ohio University as an undergrad (though if I am not mistaken he did not graduate).


Rich said...

You didn't miss a thing. Leave it to "The Today Show" to get about as non-substantive and non-political in a place like Cape Town. The focus of their segment was on how well South Africa's wine exports are doing across the globe. Ohhhhh.