Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Manny From Heaven

On Sunday and Wednesday morning/night here in England, Channel 5 gets the ESPN feed of live baseball. Since I am insane and stay up to follow Sox games over the internet, I am in the office anyway and have a tv that I keep on for noise and company and baseball on the right nights. It seemed like bad news -- tonight's feed, for whatever reason, could not come across the pond. but lo and behold -- in its place we get the 2004 World Series video! I'm giddy.

Billy Mueller just hit the home run off Rivera to end that July 24 game in which 'Tek swatted A-Rod and changed the course of the season. I'm positively goose-bumpy! I think this one will end well . . .

On that front, stay tuned for an announcement about those 2004 Red Sox and your faithful diarist in the next few days.

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