Wednesday, August 24, 2005

The Junk Comments

It looks as if I have identified the problem -- it is my Mac interface. I love my Mac in general, but some websites are not especially Mac friendly, and to my consternation, Blogger is one of them. I can delete from a PC, but not from the Mac in my office for reasons that, even if explained to me, I would surely not understand. I find this a lot with my Mac and it really bugs me. In any case, I'll delete these comments as they come along, though sometimes you'll have to put up with comments that seem complimentary and yet want us all to go look at their own website about new shoes or whatever.


Rhonda said...

Blogger now has word verification for comments to curb the spam. There are accessibility considerations, of course, but if comment spam is a problem here, you might look into it.

And welcome back to the US.

dcat said...

Problem solved -- it is not the Mac per se, but rather the Mac with explorer -- Explorer is a huge hassle for Mac, even if it is my primary browser. But if I use another browser, voila! Were I less dumb, I'd have figured this out earlier.

Thanks, by the way -- it is good to be back, though I loved my time in Oxford.

Oh -- and Rhonda just turned in her dissertation, so give her a big holler.