Monday, August 15, 2005

A Lighter Side of a Serious Issue

I really don’t know why I found this headline so humorous, but I did:

"Japanese Leader Sorry for WWII Invasions"

The article, from the Associated Press, went on to somberly explain the Japanese reaction to the 60 year anniversary of the end of WWII, was touching, but the title looks simply… amusing to me (maybe because of the plurality of the word "invasion," maybe the seemingly nonchalant-ness of the headline, hard to say). Here are some others that I would generate a similar reaction from.

Top 10 equally humorous yet totally distasteful Headlines Commemorating end of WWII by “Japanese Leaders”:

1) (to pay homage to that first headline above): Went a bit too far with all those invasions, says Japanese Leader

2) No Hard Feelings about Genital Electrocutions, says Japanese Leader

3) Thanks for letting us keep the Emperor, says Japanese leader

4) Wow, 60 years later, and we sell more care than you, boasts Japanese Leader

5) Fact that “China now run by Commies now makes us even,” say Japanese Leader on 60th anniversary of WWII

6) Japanese Leader celebrate 60 year anniversary of Atom-bomb dropped on them “for no apparent reason”

7) “Ok, we lost, must you keep making WWII movies?” asks Japanese Leader

8) Japanese Leader acknowledge strange anniversary world remembers for some war Japan totally uninvolved with a long time ago

9) “Tora! Tora! Tora! Just Kidding, sorry for all the mess,” joked Japanese Leader

10) “Sorry, now let’s turn our attention back to the Nazis, k?” asks Japanese Leader

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dcat said...

A Lettermanesque top 10 list. dcat breaks more new ground!