Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Oh No, Mojo!

Odessa and Permian High School have come a long way since the days of Friday Night Lights, which revealed a pattern of placing high school football and the guys who played it on a pedestal. Now I always thought that what people missed about FNL is that it told a more universal story than most realized. In many ways Buzz Bissinger's book was less about Permian Mojo than about a society that had elevated high school sports well beyond where they belonged.

Well, whatever progress Permian has made is not going to be helped by a story that has exploded here in Odessa and that has ramifications that we are just now beginning to grasp. I don't want to pile on, so I am just going to direct you here, here, and in the most damning news yet, here and here. There is more to this story than I want to get into here, as I have insight based on knowing several of the named and unnamed principals. But this has the potential to be truly ugly.

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Mojodessa said...

You think the coach would have figured it out... No? Geeezz! Hey you should give a Douchenozzle Award every month. You already know who gets the award this month.