Tuesday, May 18, 2010

The Granite State v The Green Mountain State

You wanted it, you got it: The Definitive Guide to Telling New Hampshire and Vermont Apart. It's pretty much all true.

A small sample:

Simply put, Vermont is a little bitch. When you see the V in Vermont, think “vagina” and it will help you get a fair assessment of the state. New Hampshire, in contrast, displays a much tougher persona. As you might guess about the only New England state to host a NASCAR race, its residents are more likely to own guns and less likely to have college diplomas, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing when your neighbor is as fruity as Vermont.
That's about right.


Thunderstick said...

I hate vermont so much. Jerks

Ritmo Brasileiro said...

So... vaginas are bad things?

Ritmo Brasileiro said...

I always thought that "Live Free or Die" was an incomplete motto. It doesn't tell you what the sentiment toward the audience really is. It's a confusing mix of the advocacy of freedom and condescension toward the person whom you're trying to convince to live freely.

I always thought that "Live Free or Die, Motherfucker!!!" would be a much more appropriate and consistent way to construct such a motto.

El Aguila said...

You don't know nothing about guns or education. In Arizona we love guns and hate education. So shoot first and die you dumb son-of-a-bitch is our real state motto.

By the way you all look alike in Vermont and New Hampshire.

Slicer said...

Vermonters acted as if it was some sort of "victory" when the Old Man on the Mountain crumbled to the ground. Some old douchebag was laughing about it in line at the grocery store the morning after it happened and I asked him, "And what exactly does Vermont offer in terms of national landmarks, or anything of national importance for that matter?"

He stood there silent. Confused.