Sunday, November 15, 2009

Up! Again

Here is what I wrote about the Pixar movie Up! After seeing it in the theater:
Up! is simply a beautiful movie. Toward the beginning it has what might be the single most emotionally powerful rendering of lived love between a couple as they grow old together. It is a movie about many things, not least of them loss, and it is poignant and funny and, yes, heart-breaking. It is perfectly suitable for -- indeed might be best appreciated by -- adults, but if you do not have kids, borrow someone else's so you are not the skeevie adult going to a Pixar movie.

After watching it on dvd as part of the Mrs. Dcat Birthday Bonanza yesterday, I double down on that sentiment. I will be profoundly disapponted if Up! (I think the exclamation point is part of the title) is not a finalist for best picture, animation be damned.


JG said...

JG from EB visiting your own site (a much more pleasant experience)...

I absolutely agree. I cried in the opening, couldn't help it. It was just such a touching and real rendering of a life together.

Clare said...

Yup, you've convinced me. Guess I'll have to see it.

Happy B'day to Mrs. Dcat!

Jim said...

I took my boys (8 & 10) as well as my friend's 3-yr old, and we all loved it. I love well done animation. Was a little less thrilled with WALL-E (more aimed at adults, I felt).

dcat said...

Thanks for weighing in, everyone.

JG -- I cried like a baby on a couple of occasions -- that opening tableaux just wrecked me. And the scene when he lets himself look all the way through the Adventure scrapbook? Egads. I was a blubbering fool.

Clare -- you must watch it. Must must must.

Jim -- I loved WALL-E. Yeah, definitely aimed at adults, but what a beautiful movie.