Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Up! For the Hangover

If Land of the Lost was awful, and it was, both Up! and The Hangover were fantastic. The Hangover might be the funniest movie in the history of movies. I kid you not. Now, it is humor of a particular stripe (Brow: Low). But it is no less brilliant for that. I am still not certain if it depicts the greatest Vegas trip ever or the worst, but I do know that I could have been convinced to hop in a car the second it was done for a couple of days in that desert playground.

And Up! is simply a beautiful movie. Toward the beginning it has what might be the single most emotionally powerful rendering of lived love between a couple as they grow old together. It is a movie about many things, not least of them loss, and it is poignant and funny and, yes, heart-breaking. It is perfectly suitable for -- indeed might be best appreciated by -- adults, but if you do not have kids, borrow someone else's so you are not the skeevie adult going to a Pixar movie.

We also saw Drag Me to Hell. It was perfectly cromulent.

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Toby said...

My day has been embiggened by this post. Thank you.