Monday, November 16, 2009

Monday Linkiness

While I recover, you should check out:

AO Scott of The New York Times writes about the greatest movie moments of the past decade.

At The Boston Globe Renee Loth argues, rightly, I think, that Democrats should "call the filibuster bluff." Reconciliation seems smart to me -- assuming they have the 51 votes, ram that bill through. Let the Republicans whine about a democratic majority prevailing.

At Newsweek Niall Ferguson makes the provocative but dumb argument that 1979 was a more significant year than 1989. Hint: The Cold War was kind of a big deal.


Name: Matthew Guenette said...


I'm still bruised. I'm not prone to hyperbole, but seriously, that was the season. There are cracks in Bill's armor, they've been there for awhile. I'm not even going to suggest a coaching change--that would be ludicrous--but it seems that maybe, maybe. maybe...

dcat said...

I'll be avoiding sports for a day or two after that nightmare.
I'm not so hard on Belichick as you are -- it seems to me that for much of the game he outcoached the Colts just as we outplayed them. That was a lousy decision, but if the refs get that call right, we are talking about Belichick having huge balls.

Endlessly frustrating.


Name: Matthew Guenette said...

Not talked about in all this: that 30 yard phantom pass interference penalty on the drive before the drive that kept the Colts alive. Doesn't matter who wins: one thing you can bet on when it's Pats/Colts in Indy is the Colts getting at least one sketchy pass interference penalty in their favor. My friend Harry--a die-hard Colts fan from Terre Haute--he even admits they get this call every year...

dcat said...

Matthew --
Yep -- regular dcat presence The Thunderstick and I lamented that pass interference even more than the missed spot on the play that has aroused so much controversy but was, in fact, a first down. It was a terrible call. Unfortunately, The Pats and the fans have no exactly engendered a lot of sympathy from the larger NFL fan base. I doubt any one is feeling bad for us!


El Aguila said...

As you know I did not have a horse in this race. But all of this attention to one call is killing me. PTI on Monday spent their first two segments on the call. The previous Friday, they both argued that this was really a meaningless game since both would win their division, and the Pats still will have a chance to gain at least one playoff homegame.

What pains me is these former jug headed jocks who become traitorous journalists. The latest example is Tedy Bruschi. Mr. Patriot purposely came down hard on his former coach not because he believed what he was yelping, but to kiss the butt of his new peers, the ESPN pencil neck crowd. Yes, he wanted to win the respect of John Andersen, Chris Berman, Stuart Scott, etc.

This is the same garbage that Tiki Barber spit out when he attacked Eli Manning his rookie reporting year. And let's not forget Jerome Bettis claiming he had the scoop on Coach Cohwer's future plans. They are all the same; fake reporters.

I hate 24 hour sports news. And by the way get over the interference call-it happens to everyone.