Wednesday, October 07, 2009

The Olympian Ideal!!! (Self-Indulgence Alert)

On page 7a of the print edition of today's Odessa American readers saw this, under the title: "Reading, Riding." (The image is copyright protected so I cannot post it. Odd, since one would think I would get some proprietary claim over a photograph of myself.)


Thunderstick said...

You look like you're ready for a marathon...a TV watching marathon!!! HA!


Clare said...

Exercising mind and body! A good example.

Yes, I too, find that the recumbent bike is the best for actually getting some reading done while working out.
And, if we can get two next to each other, then my hubby and I don't have to squabble over who gets to the NY Times first. Makes for a better start to the day all the way around!

dcat said...

Thunderstick --
Hey, as you know, I love me my tv. And just completing that marathon wouyld be an accomplishment.

Clare -
I so very much loathe cardiovascular stuff that I HAVE to be able to read, which rules out most all of those damned machines. But every sport I ever played required short, explosive bursts. After we won one of the major outdoor championships my sophomore or junior year I was quoted in Track & Field News as saying "I know I'm a jumper, because I am rigging on the victory lap," "rigging" meaning that rigormortis was setting in. Because I hated running distances, you see.


Anonymous said...

DCAT,only a professor of history would be reading a history book while working out. What a great photo op! I'm so glad you didn't have a "Texas" college shirt on, ugh! Keep up the good work!
T. Anderson

dcat said...

Tramaine --
Well, I had grad class that night and we were dealing with that book!