Friday, October 09, 2009

Obama's Nobel

Oh, this is not going to help the crazy coming from the right: Barack Obama has been awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. There is a chorus already emerging even on the left that he should turn it down. I think that's probably easier said than done, however. For one thing, it's always easy to tell someone else to turn down a Nobel Prize. But for another, you probably don't want to slap the Nobel Committee in the face by rejecting it. My advice, not that anyone is taking it: Take the prize as a gesture of the peace we want and use it as whatever leverage you can to succeed in bringing about peace or at least a world that resorts to diplomay first rather than last.


Mojodessa said...

I think Clinton should have received the award for getting our Current tv journalist released.
The Angels looked good last night but everyone wants to see another classic post season battle between the Sox and the Yanks

Anonymous said...

If TR (Theodore Roosevelt) can get the Nobel Peace Prize then I think this is hat tip to President Obama. Where is the respect for the prize and what could possibly be done in any event. However, I must say that this hell of timing for President Obama to receive the prize.


dcat said...

Mojo --
Alas, our postseason wish goes unfulfilled.
You know that Clinton was steamed when he heard about Obama winning the award. I bet he does get his shot at it if he keeps plugging away with his foundation.

Tramaine --
Yeah, TR was certainly not the ideal peace Prize winner. I am curious to see how Obama uses this -- will it be a bully pulpit for him (to continue the TR motif) or will it end up as just another accolade with little impact?