Thursday, September 10, 2009

Ready For Some Football? Why Yes, Yes I Am

Tonight marks the first game of the new NFL season. It's also Thursday. What does that mean? It means welcome to the first installment of Big Daddy Drew's Thursday Afternoon NFL Dick Joke Jambaroo. You missed it. I missed it. Humankind missed it.

Predictions for this year's season that are sure to shame me:

AFC East
Pats 13-3
NY Jets 9-7
Miami 7-9
Buffalo 4-12

AFC North
Pittsburgh 11-5
Baltimore 10-6
Cincinnati 8-8
Cleveland 3-13

AFC South
Indianapolis 10-6
Jacksonville 9-7
Tennessee 9-7
Houston 8-8

AFC West
San Diego 10-6
Kansas City 6-10
Denver 5-11
Oakland 3-13

Ravens over Indy
Chargers over Jags

Patriots over Chargers
Steelers over Ravens

Pats over Steelers

NFC East
Philadelphia 10-6
NY Giants 10-6
Washington 9-7
Dallas 8-8

NFC North
Green Bay 11-5
Minnesota 10-6
Chicago 8-8
Detroit 3-13

NFC South
New Orleans 10-6
Carolina 9-7
Atlanta 8-8
Tampa Bay 6-10

NFC West
Arizona 9-7
Seattle 9-7
San Francisco 6-10
St. Louis 5-11

Minny over Arizona
Giants over Saints

Eagles over Minny
Packers over Giants

Packers over Eagles

Pats over Packers

Feel free to start your mockery!

EDITED: For arithmetic


brian said...

Only 13 wins for the Pats? Jeez, aren't you worried you might be selling them short?

dcat said...

Hey, didn't want to be a homer!!!


Slicer said...

Packers, eh? As someone who stubmled upon the Aaron Rogers/Greg Jennings combo in a fantasy draft, I hope you're on to something.

Very, very kind of you to give the Bungals 8 wins this year, that is cautiously optimistic.

Thunderstick said...

Given that the aggregate record of the teams in your prediction is 275-237, I think you are going to be way off on some of them. You've got 19 too many wins and 19 too few losses on the board.

dcat said...

Ok, I've edited for math. But the key is that you caught the magic number of 19. That, of course, is the number of games a team would win were it to go undefeated. Think about it . . .