Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Yeay Me On TV! (Goes Without Saying -- Self Indulgence Alert)

The Civil Rights Movement panel I sat on at this year's Virginia Festival of the Book was broadcast on C-Span's Book TV. You can now access it here and either be reminded or discover for the first time just what a giant doofus I am. Thrill. A. Minute.

(Of course you knew it was coming: You can buy Freedom's Main Line here. Or here. Or here.)


Ahistoricality said...

Your book showed up in the stack of Choice cards I was reviewing this week. It got a short, but complimentary, write-up.

Mojodessa said...

That old lady goofed our school name! What's up with that?

dcat said...

Ahistoricality --
Obviously every author wants every review to be glowing, gushing, perfect. But a decent Choice review is not bad. The journal reviews are starting to trickle in now, so hopefully they will be uniformly good! I hope you ordered a copy for your library . . .

Mojodessa --
In the larger academic world, our university name is usually mangled, alas.


Clare said...


I check into your site pretty regularly, but didn't notice this post until after I commented on your "Devil's Dictionary".

What a treat! You speak like you write; with a strong presence, and a clear and passionate grasp of your subject. The extra added plus was to get a glimpse of the charm and humor that isn't always conveyed on a page, especially in ...ahem....certain discussions. Really good stuff.

I plan to pass it on to my son and husband. Thanks so much for posting it.

Clare said...

P.S. And I will also pass it on to my mother, who grew up in Alabama from the early 30's through the 40's, before then moving to Texas in the 50's. Nuff said.

dcat said...

Clare --
I was toying with putting it on Ephblog, but am not certain it would not come across as self-indulgent.


Anonymous said...

Wow, you are a talking head on the civil rights...This is great Prof. Catsam, I'm proud of you!