Thursday, August 06, 2009

Yankees: Criminals

Add to the multitude of Yankee sins the fact that they are dirty, dastardly, devious, depraved thieves. The Sox are on a bit of a swoon of late, but the Yankees should be just the elixir they need.

Oh, and it goes without saying, but the Yankees Suck!


Slicer said...

Add assault with a deadly weapon to the list after this weekend's beatdown in the Bronx. We gotta get our bets going again soon, unlikely we'll have the respective number of sweeps on each side again in a single season.

You'll be pleased to know that on my trip back from NH I picked up WFAN in Springfield, MA and actually got on the Joe and Evan show and completely pooped on the Yankee love fest that was taking place yesterday morning, comparing Joe Girardi to Mike Brown of the Cavs during during pressure situations when the coach/manager needs to step in and making a change, yet stands idly by as if concentrating on the particular brand of gas someone just ripped. I got beat up but as always, I'm right.

Do you think Tek should pretty much sit the rest of the year and have Martinez be in the lineup as an every day catcher? The disparity in hitting numbers is pretty glaring.

dcat said...

You should have taken me up on my proposal to bet when I texted you last week. I am sick of the Red Sox right now.

I would like to see more VMart, but the fact that he can play first means that at minimum I'd like to see a platoon whereby perhaps Varitek plays against lefties, who he hits as well as (and maybe better than) VMart does.

I can see the Girardi-Brown parallels, though the trouble in both cases is that when they win it makes it impossible to get rid of them.


susana said...

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