Friday, August 28, 2009

Rule Brittania!

Oh, English people. Will your sporting antics never cease to astonish and amuse? Between that crazy ongoing story about your rugby players bringing fake packets of blood out onto the field to cause fake blood bin penalties and your glorious football hooligans you are, like herpes and the "birther" movement, the dubious gift that keeps on giving.


Anglo-Tex said...

"Methinks he doth protest too much." Some of us get wound up about semicolons, some of us like to fight at football matches. The world is a rich tapestry of sensible people and screwballs.

Anonymous said...

Its all a bit of fun, fighting at football matches, unless of course, idiots begin bringing knives to games, which is pointless. the ''hooligans'', all pre arange their fights, and only ever fight with opposition, ''hooligans'', so no harm done.
i hope that, in world cup 2010, our hooligans are over shadowed by our winning of the trophy...