Friday, June 19, 2009

South Africa Bound

I am heading to South Africa tomorrow for what has become my annual return trip there. I'll be balancing work -- the South African Historical Society's biennial meeting starts Monday, and I am giving a paper there, and I have some research to do in the Joberg-Pretoria region as well as in Cape Town -- with play, including meeting up with one of my best friends who has never been to South Africa before.

I plan to write South Africa diaries that are akin to my Keele Diaries from last month. Though I may be mainly writing them for the Foreign Policy Association's Africa Blog. I will either crosspost here or possibly link to those posts with a brief description or summary.

I am, as always, looking forward to my return to a country I deeply love. I hope to catch live one of the clashes between the Springboks and the touring British Lions and maybe even try to see one of the Confederations Cup football matches next week when the games move to the knockout rounds. But the first stop is the SAHS at the University of South Africa's Sunnyside campus in Pretoria.

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Slicer said...

I'll go halves on an apartment down there with- I'm thinking ahead to World Cup '10.