Friday, November 07, 2008

Richard Wright Symposium (Self Indulgence Alert x2)

I am currently in Dallas where this weekend I am participating in the Dallas African American Museum's wonderful Centennial Celebration of Richard Wright as an invited participant in tomorrow's symposium. My talk is titled "Richard Wright and Black Resistance to White Supremacy: From Bigger Thomas to Henry Thomas," which is drawn (and expanded upon) from Freedom's Main Line. (And yes, such self-serving, self indulgence will become standard in the weeks and months to come.) If you are anywhere near Dallas, please do come by. It should be a wonderful symposium.


Anonymous said...

Absolutely...Professor Catsam gave a nice mini-preview of the upcoming book. I'm excited about Freedom's Main Line. In addition, it was great to catch up with you on Saturday.

dcat said...

Tramaine -- Thanks so much for showing up. It was great seeing you.